Midifriend.com is a subscription service similar to a Netflix, Splice, Spotify but host midi files. Subscribe for a low monthly fee and have unlimited access to download thousands of midi files. New midi uploaded daily. Search by key, genre or artist type to filter through a wide array chord progressions to hi hat patterns.

Why we created MidiFriend.com?
We were tired of seeing expensive midi packs that contain 10 to 20 chords selling for $29.99. Especially when as a producer you only use 1 or 2 of those progressions. We felt it was time for a more affordable option into the midi market. Midifriend has no contracts, no credits, feel free to cancel any time.

Our midi content:
All content on midifriend.com is licensed from the best midi creators in the world. This license is usually non exclusive so its possible some of the content on midifriend.com can be distributed on other platforms.

VIP plan subscribers:
This is our most innovative plan. VIP customers receive personalized custom midi each month via email that do not get uploaded to the website. For this all content is created by hired keyboardist to create these custom packs.